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“Having been associated with The Great IT Professional since 2012 and given more than 20 online sessions, I have never worked with a more professional group. This includes engineering associations, universities and Top 10 Global Companies. From digital transformation to cybersecurity to software engineering, the best, brightest and most experienced practitioners are here to provide decades of experience in 60 minute sessions. The Great IT Pro has truly created a resource for technology professionals.”
Don Shafer, Technical Fellow and Founder, Athens Group Holdings


NEW SPECIAL OFFER for SEPTEMBER 2022: Anyone who subscribes for a PREMIUM membership will now receive FREE access to the McQuaig Word Survey®.   The McQuaig Word Survey® is a world famous, psychometric personality profiling tool that is used by corporations around the world to measure your core personality trains and to determine your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.  New subscribers to the Great IT Pro will now receive an email link from the McQuaig Word Survey® within a few days of subscribing.  Complete the survey, or not. It’s up to you! But those who do will receive a downloadable, 34 page report.  Your data is private and will not be shared with third parties.


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