Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong, President of Armstrong Process Group, Inc., where he works to bring modern management and engineering best practices to practical application for many different private companies and government organizations all over the world.
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Chris Armstrong's Talks
Date    February 7, 2012
Time    91 min
This webinar will explain how traditional enterprise architecture (EA) practices can be augmented with agile project management and development best practices.
Date    February 19, 2013
Time    82 min
The session will discuss EA effectiveness as it relates to maximizing IT investments, promoting cross-project collaboration, and developing more consistent solution architectures.
Date    March 11, 2014
Time    90 min
This webinar will discuss how to establish an effective and sustainable enterprise architecture (EA) practice based on four fundamental elements.
Date    February 5, 2015
Time    88 min
This webinar discusses the architecture value chain in conjunction with a supporting capability/service model.
Date    February 17, 2016
Time    61 min
The IT4IT is an operating model that allows the IT function to achieve the same level of business discipline, predictability and efficiency as other functions in the business. This webinar will provide an overview of IT4IT and describe how it is being used to drive organizational change.
Date    March 9, 2017
Time    71 min
This webinar will review the principles and benefits of value mapping, the different kinds of value models, and how value maps contextualize other business architecture perspectives.
Date    October 12, 2017
Time    64 min
Capability models have emerged as a business architecture best practice for describing the things that an organization does. This webinar will review the principles and benefits of capability mapping.
Date    April 3, 2018
Time    70 min
This session will review key activities and guidance on building information maps and how to cross-map them to capability and value streams.