Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner is principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. At Draper Laboratory, he was a principal investigator in a DARPA program, the Evolutionary Design of Complex Software, where he conducted research into advanced concepts for real-time software development environments based on dynamic object-oriented programming languages.
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Rick Brenner's Talks
Date    October 22, 2008
Time    103 min
This webinar will present some strategies and lessons learned in dealing with, and avoiding, office politics.
Date    July 21, 2011
Time    87 min
In this webinar workshop, we will provide a general framework that helps meeting leaders focus on leading the people in the meeting rather than getting enmeshed in their politics.
Date    September 1, 2011
Time    86 min
In this webinar, Rick Brenner will examine six fundamental principles that will teach you how to control how organizational politics impacts your risk management efforts.
Date    February 2, 2011
Time    82 min
In 1911, Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. 35 days later, Robert Scott followed. Amundsen's party returned to base but Scott's party perished. This webinar uses the history of this event to explore important lessons about managing risk.
Date    November 6, 2008
Time    87 min
This webinar will help people who sponsor, lead or participate in virtual organizations better communicate within global and distributed teams.
Date    May 4, 2016
Time    83 min
In this webinar, we’ll explore methods for executing projects successfully by exploiting knowledge about where change comes from in fluid environments.