Joe Burns
Joe Burns
Joe Burns has over 20 years experience developing and implementing products and services for the quality assurance industry. He is an entrepreneur and enjoys building world class QA solutions. He has successfully founded and developed testing products which are integrated with companies like IBM, TIBCO, and webMethods.
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Joe Burns's Talks
Date    June 2, 2011
Time    35 min
In this webinar, Joe Burns will demonstrate how to implement a Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) so that it is practical and productive within an organization.
Date    December 14, 2011
Time    60 min
In this webinar, Joe Burns will present a pragmatic approach for implementing a testing automation framework which will increase throughput and productivity for an organization.
Date    January 16, 2019
Time    56 min
In this webinar you will learn everything you need to know about selecting the right DevOps model for your organization.
Date    February 13, 2019
Time    52 min
This webinar discusses approaches, artifacts, and metrics for delivering high quality products on time in an Agile methodology.
Date    March 13, 2019
Time    33 min
In this webinar we will discuss how a proven Cloud Migration model can helps drive enterprise wide DevOps transformation.