Brian Cameron
Brian Cameron
Brian is Strategic Director of Penn State Center for Enterprise Architecture and is Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs in the Smeal College of Business. Dr. Cameron is also the Founding President of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO). His primary research and consulting interests include enterprise architecture value measurement, hybrid enterprise architecture framework development, enterprise integration, information management and storage, and the use of simulations and gaming in education.
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Brian Cameron's Talks
Date    April 10, 2012
Time    71 min
This webinar with Brian Cameron will present recent research on the current state of EA value measurement in a broad cross-section of organizations and will discuss best practices for communicating EA value.
Date    January 1, 0001
Time    89 min
This webinar will present current research in value measurement for enterprise architecture and will explore a new framework for determining the value measures that are right for your organization.
Date    September 20, 2016
Time    54 min
In this webinar, traditional views of IT/Business alignment will be challenged and a more realistic, proven approach to alignment via business capabilities will be explored.
Date    February 2, 2017
Time    44 min
This webinar explores the traditional notions of business/IT alignment and offers a more pragmatic approach to keeping IT in sync with business objectives through business capabilities.