Stephen Cohen
Stephen Cohen
Stephen Cohen is a Senior Architect with Microsoft Enterprise Services' Public Sector practice focusing on large, complex, systems for the US Government. Mr. Cohen has been the Primary Enterprise Architect and Lead System designer for multiple Federal and State government agencies programs. In his spare time he runs the Project Practice Portfolio wiki where he collects and catalogues software development methodologies and practices.
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Stephen Cohen's Talks
Date    December 7, 2011
Time    42 min
This webinar with Stephen Cohen looks at the current state of best practices and presents a way to assess the value of individual practices on your projects.
Date    July 15, 2015
Time    52 min
In this webinar we will discuss the impact, opportunity and approaches used when crafting a truly bespoke software architecture.
Date    November 1, 2017
Time    55 min
In this webinar we will discuss who is involved in architecture and how the research, derived information, and solution needs are brought together.