Carol Dekkers
Carol Dekkers
Carol A. Dekkers is President of Quality Plus Technologies, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in creating peace of mind for companies who want to improve their software processes. Software measurement, software quality, process improvement, requirements, and software sizing (using function point analysis, as an example) are a few of the Quality Plus areas of specialization.
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Carol Dekkers's Talks
Date    December 3, 2008
Time    59 min
This webinar discusses how software development programs and projects are gaining remarkable benefits based on scope management best practices.
Date    June 10, 2015
Time    72 min
This webinar outlines how to take a requirements-based approach to project estimating in order to create realistic project estimates even before requirements have gelled.
Date    May 3, 2016
Time    58 min
Project estimation can be a game where opportunity, risks, rules, probabilities, skill, and even luck determines success. In fact, it almost sounds like poker!
Date    March 2, 2017
Time    67 min
By ensuring that scope remains the key driver on projects and programs, some of our major project management challenges can be overcome and our project opportunities amplified.
Date    March 13, 2018
Time    90 min
This session is intended for professionals who need to better understand the role of software size as well as how to exploit such metrics for greatest gain.