Dr. Larry Dribin
Dr. Larry Dribin
Larry Dribin is a performance improvement consultant who heads up the Pearl Street Group, Inc., (PSG). PSG provides performance improvement and measurement consulting services to both Business and Information Technology organizations. Dr. Dribin utilizes industry best practice frameworks such as Six Sigma, CMMI, ITIL and PMBOK to develop solutions tailored to client's unique needs. He incorporates culture change and organizational change management to speed the change process and make it more enduring. Dr. Dribin is also an adjunct Professor in Software Engineering at DePaul University of Chicago where he teaches courses on Software Engineering and Cloud Computing.
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Dr. Larry Dribin's Talks
Date    June 8, 2011
Time    70 min
In this webinar, Dr. Larry Dribin will describe an agile lean approach to process improvement that improves the organization's performance and provides an excellent foundation for innovation.