Dr. Christof Ebert
Dr. Christof Ebert
Christof Ebert is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He supports clients around the world to improve product strategy and product development and to manage organizational changes. A trusted advisor for companies around the world and a member of industry boards, Dr. Ebert is a professor at the University of Stuttgart and Sorbonne at Paris, and authored several books including his most recent book “Global Software and IT."
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Dr. Christof Ebert's Talks
Date    May 24, 2011
Time    87 min
This webinar with Dr. Christof Ebert provides an overview of lean principles and practices. Concrete guidelines and a step-by-step case study will be provided.
Date    April 6, 2016
Time    65 min
The success of a product depends on the product manager. This webinar introduces product management for software driven products, IT and services.
Date    March 14, 2017
Time    60 min
This webinar provides nine success factors to set-up and facilitate distributed teams and projects.
Date    January 24, 2018
Time    64 min
This webinar provides nine success factors to set-up and manage distributed teams and projects. Techniques and tools are shared for successfully handling global development and sourcing.
Date    November 8, 2018
Time    55 min
This webinar will introduce you to scalable agile. We explore the state of the practice with scalable agile frameworks such as SoS, SAFe, LeSS and DAD. Hands-on guidance will help attendees to apply scaled agile also in their own context.