Randall L. Englund
Randall L. Englund
Randall L. Englund is executive consultant for the Englund Project Management Consultancy. He regularly develops and delivers workshops, conference presentations, university courses, and consulting engagements world-wide. Randy is the co-author of "Project Sponsorship, Creating the Project Office and Creating an Environment for Successful Projects". He is also the author of "The Complete Project Manager"
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Randall L. Englund's Talks
Date    November 1, 2012
Time    94 min
In this webinar, Randall L. Englund shares highlights from his newest book about what it takes to be a complete project manager.
Date    May 23, 2013
Time    87 min
In this webinar, you will observe the good, the bad, and the ugly about what happens - or should happen - during negotiations.
Date    July 16, 2015
Time    87 min
Experienced practitioner turned consultant, Randy Englund, reflects in this webinar upon key skills that make a difference in achieving greater success on projects.
Date    April 5, 2018
Time    91 min
This session provides the means to assess your people skills and apply them via best practices, culled from real live examples and proven practices.