Don Estes
Don Estes
Don Estes has been specializing in modernizing legacy applications since 1990, starting when modernization meant converting from assembler to COBOL, through 4GLs to object oriented and relational paradigms. He is now actively involved with applying semantic web technologies as the modernization paradigm of the future, using OWL/SWRL declarative modeling and RDF data access. A graduate of MIT and the University of Texas, Don is a member of the Cutter Consortium and a frequent contributor to various IT publications.
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Don Estes's Talks
Date    June 11, 2013
Time    78 min
This webinar explores the root causes of legacy modernization failures, and how to overcome them with technology and methodology.
Date    May 7, 2015
Time    58 min
This webinar will recommend a methodology for successfully achieving a full and accurate set of functional requirements in legacy modernization.