Gary Gack
Gary Gack
Gary Gack, is the founder and President of, a provider of Assessments, Strategy advice, Training, and Coaching relating to integration and deployment of software and IT best practices. Mr. Gack holds an MBA from the Wharton School, is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer. He has more than 40 years of diverse experience, including more than 20 years focused on process improvement. He is the author of "Managing the Black Hole: The Executives Guide to Software Project Risk".
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Gary Gack's Talks
Date    July 10, 2007
Time    81 min
In this webinar, Gary Gack will discuss the connections and synergies among Agile and Lean Six Sigma.
Date    July 14, 2010
Time    40 min
In this webinar, Computer Aid University (CAI-U) hosts a book discussion on “Managing the Black Hole: The Executive’s Guide to Software Project Risk” with author Gary Gack.
Date    May 4, 2011
Time    97 min
This webinar examines the intersection of Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma as they relate to determining Requirements.
Date    September 8, 2011
Time    67 min
Combinatorial test design minimizes the number of tests required to achieve a specified level of coverage while reducing test costs by up to 40%. This webinar with Gary Gack will explain and illustrate this approach.
Date    August 12, 2009
Time    113 min
This webinar will review various process areas and examine connections between Lean Six Sigma and CMMI Goals and Practices will be examined.
Date    July 26, 2011
Time    84 min
This webinar will explore the causes of and remedies for the "90% syndrome".
Date    September 6, 2012
Time    105 min
In this webinar, Gary Gack will review a wide range of software metrics and will compare and contrast the advantages and limitations of various approaches.
Date    November 7, 2013
Time    45 min
In this webinar we will compare and contrast 2 popular certifications - the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), which requires recertification, and the Certified Requirements Engineering Professional (CPRE) which does not.
Date    November 11, 2014
Time    85 min
This webinar will discuss five high leverage factors which are the primary drivers of success in large software projects.