Dan Galorath
Dan Galorath
Dan Galorath is one of the principal developers of the SEER-SEM software evaluation model. His teaching experience includes development and presentation of courses in Software Cost, Schedule, and Risk Analysis; Software Management; Software Engineering; and Weapons Systems Architecture. His company, Galorath Incorporated, has developed tools, methods, and training for software cost, schedule, risk analysis, and management decision support.
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Dan Galorath's Talks
Date    October 15, 2010
Time    59 min
This webinar will provide a systematic approach to addressing total cost of ownership across the software lifecycle.
Date    September 22, 2011
Time    76 min
This webinar will show how to properly estimate and plan costs, schedules, risks, and resources. A complete method for developing project estimates and plans will be provided.
Date    July 27, 2011
Time    56 min
This webinar explores how to more accurately estimate total ownership costs and benefits so that portfolio decisions can be optimized and IT can be transformed into a profit center.
Date    June 13, 2013
Time    84 min
This webinar will discuss affordability analysis and how it determines the risk adjusted Total Cost of Ownership and return for an IT investment, specifically as related to development, maintenance, and operations.
Date    November 17, 2016
Time    50 min
This webinar will discuss the many challenges of cloud computing currently faced by the government.