Leon Kappelman
Leon Kappelman
Dr. Leon Kappelman is Director Emeritus of the Information Systems Research Center and a Professor of Information Systems in the College of Business at the University of North Texas, where he is also a Fellow of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge. His professional expertise includes software project management; technology-related legal and ethical issues including intellectual property; continuity of operations; performance measurement; system development and maintenance; enterprise architecture and strategy; and high-tech and public policy matters like privacy, security, and software quality.
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Leon Kappelman's Talks
Date    March 10, 2011
Time    79 min
In this webinar, Leon Kappelman explains how Enterprise Architecture (EA) can provide management with an on-line, real-time repository of everything of relevance about the enterprise.
Date    November 1, 2011
Time    67 min
In this webinar, Leon Kappelman explains how to build an Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice by building on your current capabilities in analysis, design, architecture, governance, and planning.
Date    February 23, 2012
Time    71 min
In this webinar, Leon Kappelman will take a glimpse into the future of IT.