Robin Goldsmith
Robin Goldsmith
Robin F. Goldsmith is the author of "Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success" and "REAL ROI and Proactive Testing Methodologies". Robin is a subject expert for BABOK and Robin is recognized internationally as a thought-leading authority working directly with business and systems professionals in requirements, quality assurance and testing, ROI, software acquisition and outsourcing, metrics, and project and process management and improvement.
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Robin Goldsmith's Talks
Date    September 30, 2010
Time    91 min
This webinar explains how to determine right, responsible, and reliable REAL ROI that overcomes pitfalls while guiding you to decisions that pay off.
Date    March 7, 2012
Time    72 min
In this webinar, Robin Goldsmith introduces BAseBOK, a different and more appropriate approach to business analysis that offers opportunities for delivering far greater value to businesses and business analysis.
Date    October 1, 2013
Time    68 min
This eye-opening webinar reveals the flaws in common UAT beliefs and describes more appropriate models and methods that build user competence, confidence, and cooperation.
Date    November 4, 2014
Time    69 min
This webinar demonstrates how appropriate Business Analysis (BA) is essential for initiating successful projects.
Date    June 17, 2015
Time    62 min
In this webinar, you will learn the six functions Proactive SQA™ performs to produce high quality software from the start.
Date    May 11, 2016
Time    65 min
In this webinar, we will analyze conflicting requirements interpretations and describe how user stories and use cases fit into a more appropriate business requirements model.
Date    October 4, 2016
Time    77 min
In this webinar we will examine the essential elements of a test case, four keys to effective test cases, five different ways to view the same test, and advantageous alternative low-overhead test case formats.
Date    February 6, 2018
Time    93 min
This interactive session examines and gives guided practice on how to avoid common user story content pitfalls.