Kerry Wills
Kerry Wills
Kerry Wills has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for Fortune 500 clients on multi-million dollar projects for over twenty years. He has five published books on Project and Program Management.
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Kerry Wills's Talks
Date    May 5, 2011
Time    65 min
This webinar by Kerry Wills explores trends in today's changing project environment for evolving from a Project Manager to a Project Leader.
Date    February 28, 2013
Time    54 min
In this webinar, Kerry Wills will compare his recent ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the adventure of managing a typical project.
Date    March 19, 2014
Time    54 min
This webinar will define what it means to take a consultative approach by identifying the eight key guiding principles.
Date    May 10, 2016
Time    66 min
This webinar will provide guidance on structuring and conducting an IT project assessment, from planning to presentation.
Date    September 7, 2016
Time    52 min
Like the Parthenon of Ancient Greece, programs need to be built on a solid structure to withstand the tests of time. This webinar will explain the components of that structure and the keys to keep them strong enough to enable successful delivery.
Date    May 10, 2017
Time    54 min
This webinar proposes a framework called the “Consultative Project Management Competency Model” which outlines 25 essential competencies which are organized into four categories and which defines a holistic approach for improving PM competencies.
Date    October 25, 2017
Time    36 min
This entertaining presentation will reveal project management insights gathered from savants such as Mike Tyson, Judge Judy and Vanilla Ice.
Date    April 16, 2019
Time    42 min
Agile and scaled agile delivery- this webinar explains how co-existence is possible.
Date    September 24, 2019
Time    28 min
This webinar will focus on the four primary aspects of a basketball game and provide relevant example and insights into each of them and how they relate to delivering projects