Karl Wiegers
Karl Wiegers
Karl E. Wiegers is Principal Consultant with Process Impact a software process consulting and education company in Portland, Oregon. His interests include requirements engineering, peer reviews, software process improvement, and software project management. Karl is the author of numerous books including "Software Requirements, 3rd Edition", "More About Software Requirements", "Practical Project Initiation", and "Creating a Software Engineering Culture".
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Karl Wiegers's Talks
Date    September 13, 2007
Time    89 min
In this webinar, you will hear several suggestions for practices that can help any team build a more effective customer-developer partnership.
Date    July 11, 2007
Time    77 min
This webinar describes 10 common traps that can undermine a software process improvement program.
Date    April 23, 2010
Time    99 min
This webinar shares 21 tips for project management success that can be applied to any project!
Date    October 23, 2007
Time    92 min
This webinar describes 13 actions that lay the foundation for a successful project.
Date    September 6, 2013
Time    73 min
This webinar offers numerous suggestions about how to perform requirements reuse.
Date    February 2, 2015
Time    85 min
This webinar addresses ten “thorny issues” and tricky topics in requirements engineering.
Date    February 9, 2015
Time    86 min
This session presents an overview software peer reviews for managers, customer representatives, and other stakeholders in the software process.
Date    February 9, 2015
Time    73 min
This presentation describes some of the cultural and interpersonal aspects of peer reviews and inspections.
Date    February 20, 2015
Time    69 min
This presentation summarizes several best practices for requirements management.
Date    February 20, 2015
Time    85 min
This presentation explains why any software team that cares about quality needs to understand the overarching principles behind it.
Date    February 27, 2015
Time    65 min
This presentation describes numerous techniques for writing software functional requirements.
Date    February 27, 2015
Time    71 min
This webinar will discuss lessons learned when balancing company culture with software requirements.
Date    March 6, 2015
Time    80 min
This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.