Beth Layman
Beth Layman
Beth Layman is a successful performance improvement consultant, facilitator, teacher, and coach with 30 years of experience in commercial, government, aerospace, and software organizations. She is a recognized authority on measurement and model-based process improvement, and a popular speaker. Beth is co-author of "Practical Software Measurement: Objective Information for Decision Makers'.
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Beth Layman's Talks
Date    April 22, 2011
Time    71 min
In this webinar, Beth Layman describes an approach for assessing your "Agile Readiness". You will learn what your organization's current process, culture, and management can tell you about your readiness to make the transition.
Date    November 12, 2008
Time    67 min
This webinar explains how measurement can play a role at both the IT project/application and at the organizational level.
Date    February 14, 2012
Time    84 min
This webinar with Beth Layman will explore how some of the best practices found in the new CMMI for Services model can be applied to the IT organization as well as to the broader business.
Date    March 24, 2015
Time    83 min
In this webinar, process improvement paleontologist Beth Layman analyzes the bones of failed process improvement efforts and discusses various traps into which the unwary have wandered.
Date    March 3, 2016
Time    85 min
This webinar describes how to think about process architecture and how to build a process management system that is accepted and embraced by the workforce.
Date    May 23, 2017
Time    85 min
This webinar, based on the presenter’s 30+ years of process and change management consulting, reveals the top reasons why our process improvement programs still often fail to deliver on these promises of improved performance and bottom line results.
Date    October 3, 2017
Time    75 min
In this webinar, we will discuss five model and domain agnostic management practices that IT and software organizations can and do live without but shouldn't.