Mikael Lindvall
Mikael Lindvall
Dr. Mikael Lindvall is the Technology Director at the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering which is affiliated with the University of Maryland College Park.
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Mikael Lindvall's Talks
Date    May 9, 2013
Time    71 min
This webinar will take a look at different tools and approaches that can be used for various types of automated testing, as well as different best practices related to automated testing.
Date    May 6, 2014
Time    81 min
This webinar will discuss the results from MBT studies in comparison to manual testing.
Date    September 24, 2015
Time    63 min
In this webinar we will talk about requirements engineering in general and will present an approach to writing requirements that is based on many years of lessons learned in the field. We will also discuss how to use common tools that help in the requirements engineering process.