Michael West
Michael West
Michael West has over 30 years experience innovating how software and systems are developed and delivered. Mr. West is co-founder of Natural Systems Process Improvement, a consultancy providing expertise in process and performance improvement. Mr. West is author of "Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI".
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Michael West's Talks
Date    March 12, 2009
Time    89 min
This webinar reveals the major reasons that most attempts at lessons learned fail.
Date    June 26, 2012
Time    59 min
In this webinar with Michael West, you will learn how to measure the "return on process" (ROP) so that your process improvement efforts remain valuable business pursuits.
Date    June 27, 2013
Time    47 min
This webinar shows how to achieve big results with small changes.
Date    April 5, 2016
Time    42 min
This webinar gives the audience facts, case studies, and how-to tips for synchronizing and leveraging your organization’s ISO-based standards with CMMI-based improvement.