Scott Stribrny
Scott Stribrny
Scott Stribrny is the Cofounder, President, and Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Inc., a consulting firm that has advised private, commercial, and governmental organizations on successful strategy development and operations improvement since 1992. He is currently advising on techniques for effective product requirement specification and risk management. Mr. Stribrny is a co-founder and former leader of the Chicago Software Process Improvement Network.
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Scott Stribrny's Talks
Date    October 3, 2013
Time    62 min
This webinar examines how the Agile movement affects the historical business analyst role on a project team and creates opportunities to learn new skills and develop new ways of working together.
Date    May 7, 2014
Time    63 min
In this webinar, we will learn how to set up IT project dashboards so that they provide meaningful information to managers.
Date    May 25, 2015
Time    51 min
This webinar will describe both successful and unsuccessful efforts for bringing about large--scale change and will illustrate the critical success requirements for successful interventions.
Date    September 26, 2017
Time    59 min
This webinar describes a new way of thinking about managing IT projects called “Value-Driven Change Leadership” (VDCL)
Date    April 11, 2018
Time    52 min
This webinar provides a framework for looking at business value at the portfolio and project levels, using a customer-focused, data-driven process that demonstrate bottom line impact.
Date    May 16, 2019
Time    41 min
This webinar separates PLC steps from SDLC steps, so you can recombine them in different combinations.