Arlene Minkiewicz
Arlene Minkiewicz
Arlene F. Minkiewicz is the Chief Scientist at PRICE Systems, LLC and has over 27 years of experience at PRICE building cost models. She leads the cost research activity for TruePlanning, the suite of cost estimating products that PRICE provides. She is a software measurement expert dedicated to finding creative solutions focused on helping make software development professionals successful. She is widely published and speaks frequently on software related topics.
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Arlene Minkiewicz's Talks
Date    April 6, 2010
Time    90 min
This webinar reviews the history of failed software development contracts.
Date    November 6, 2012
Time    50 min
This webinar with Arlene Minkiewicz discusses the benefits of cloud computing as well as barriers to adoption.
Date    October 15, 2013
Time    65 min
This webinar presents an overview targeted at people who need to understand how new technologies are being applied in the trenches.
Date    May 1, 2014
Time    59 min
This webinar briefly introduces the concepts and implications and interrelationships of cloud computing and big data. Examples will be provided on the uses of big data in industry.
Date    May 6, 2015
Time    54 min
This webinar introduces the concept of BYOD and examines BYOD successes and failures in the industry to date.
Date    April 13, 2016
Time    60 min
Wearable technology has the potential to be a game changer in many aspects of life. This webinar explores the current and future uses of wearable tech in business.
Date    September 13, 2016
Time    45 min
This webinar presents a case study outlining the migration activities and cost implications for migrating the same application on each of the three cloud solution models.
Date    November 1, 2016
Time    68 min
This webinar explores the particulars of crowdsourcing and discusses what impacts it will have on the future of software cost estimating.
Date    February 1, 2017
Time    51 min
This webinar defines and discusses augmented reality and presents findings on what it’s impacts have and will be in the software business.
Date    September 19, 2018
Time    69 min
This webinar will discuss the "Network of Things": what is it, what are its enabling technologies, and what does the future have in store.
Date    November 21, 2017
Time    57 min
This webinar discusses the security challenges inherent in the marrying of public and private cloud solutions.
Date    April 4, 2019
Time    60 min
This webinar covers the particulars of AI systems: how AI systems work, what technologies are emerging, and how this is redefining business.