Joe Schofield
Joe Schofield
Joe Schofield is a past President of the International Function Point Users Group. He retired from Sandia National Laboratories as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff after a 31-year career. During twelve of those years he served as the SEPG Chair for an organization of about 400 personnel which was awarded a SW-CMM Level 3 in 2005. He continued as the migration lead to CMMI Level 4 until his departure. Joe has facilitated over 100 teams in the areas of software specification, team building and organizational planning by using lean six sigma and business process reengineering.
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Joe Schofield's Talks
Date    October 14, 2008
Time    85 min
Software projects are notorious for costing more than expected. This webinar will examine what the data is screaming to tell us.
Date    June 28, 2012
Time    74 min
In this webinar with Joe Schofield, we'll explore how defect reduction might be the best investment organizations can make today.