Mark Perry
Mark Perry
In 1999, Mark Price Perry founded BOT International, a boutique firm that specializes in PMO Content Assets. Perry also hosts the The PMO Podcast, having produced 200 episodes, and authors the blog PMO Setup T3. Mr. Perry is also the author of the books "Business Driven PMO Setup - Practical Insights, Techniques and Case Examples for Ensuring Success" and "Business Driven Project Portfolio Management - Conquering the Top 10 Risks that Threaten Success".
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Mark Perry's Talks
Date    March 27, 2012
Time    79 min
This webinar with Mark Perry provides a business-driven approach to project portfolio management that features a short case example followed by discussion on risks that threaten Portfolio Management Success.
Date    May 21, 2013
Time    83 min
In this webinar, the author of "Business Driven PMO Success Stories" explains the concept of PMO Acumen and presents research findings on the top 5 mistakes that PMOs make.
Date    May 4, 2017
Time    59 min
In this webinar you will learn about three key PMO manager skills that are essential for performing and keeping the job of PMO manager.
Date    February 27, 2018
Time    80 min
In this webinar, we will present and discuss a PMO Mandate Maturity Model.
Date    October 24, 2018
Time    49 min
In this webinar, we will present The PMO Magic Quadrant, a 2x2 analysis construct that depicts where the PMOs of today can be found in terms of the quality of their PMO mandate and the quality of specific PMO practices to fulfill the PMO mandate.