Janet Russac
Janet Russac
Janet Russac has over 25 years of experience as a programmer, analyst and measurement specialist in software application development and maintenance. She is founder and principal at Software Measurement Expertise, Inc. (SME) where she implements software development measurement programs and uses various software development metrics, including function points, to recommend business decisions and identify best practices and process improvements in client organizations.
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Janet Russac's Talks
Date    March 1, 2011
Time    92 min
This webinar will teach you how to write requirements in order to more accurately estimate size, effort and schedule; and to deliver a higher quality product on time and within budget.
Date    April 8, 2009
Time    80 min
This webinar will identify pitfalls as well as proactive steps to take for ensuring success when implementing a software measurement program.
Date    June 28, 2011
Time    80 min
The principles, practices and techniques used for proper estimating are well defined and relatively easy to learn. In this webinar, Janet Russac will outline the basics of effective estimating.
Date    April 22, 2010
Time    99 min
This webinar will provide an overview of Function Point Analysis and Software Measurement, with implementation strategies for a successful measurement program.
Date    April 3, 2012
Time    87 min
This webinar with Janet Russac will assist participants in learning how better to determine the scope of a project, identify and manage changes to the scope, and involve the customer in decision making.
Date    March 14, 2013
Time    87 min
This webinar will focus on the quality aspect of the software deliverable and how the organization can design, implement and manage a quality management system for the software that they produce.