Guenther Ruhe
Guenther Ruhe
Guenther Ruhe is a Professor and has an Industrial Research Chair on Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. Dr. Ruhe was formerly the deputy director of the Fraunhofer Institute of Experimental Software Engineering, one of the worlds leading Software Engineering institutes.
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Guenther Ruhe's Talks
Date    March 10, 2009
Time    76 min
This webinar explains the impact of several factors on product release decisions.
Date    October 21, 2014
Time    62 min
This webinar will discuss the key content, techniques and tools needed to plan for future releases in order to manage technical debt.
Date    March 25, 2015
Time    54 min
This webinar shows how Real Time Project Management (RTPM) helps release managers make better decisions across the product management life cycle.