Peter Hill
Peter Hill
Peter Hill is an independent IT consultant. He is a Director of the Melbourne based company Fenwick Software. He has been in the Information Services industry for more than forty years with broad experience covering a number of industries working in both Australia and New Zealand. He has a passion for seeking ways to improve the performance of IT and delivering benefits to its users. For 17 years Peter headed up the ISBSG, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission of improving the performance of IT worldwide through the provision of project history data.
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Peter Hill's Talks
Date    March 31, 2011
Time    57 min
The ISBSG has been building a benchmarking repository of software maintenance and support activities since its inception. In this webinar, Peter Hill explores this data in search of insights.
Date    April 12, 2012
Time    44 min
In this webinar, Peter Hill, Director of the ISBSG, reveals whether the industry has improved its performance over 20 years.
Date    October 25, 2011
Time    34 min
In this webinar Peter Hill will use a case study to demonstrate how software sizing and project history data can help achieve successful outsourcing outcomes.
Date    February 13, 2013
Time    63 min
In this webinar, we will conduct an analysis of 6000 software projects to reveal how good or bad we are, as an industry, at estimating.
Date    March 4, 2015
Time    56 min
This webinar examines the breakdown of time spent on ERP package implementations using history data from recent projects.
Date    February 16, 2016
Time    59 min
In this webinar you will learn how to adopt an appropriate strategy to choose a combination of software package and provider.