Neil Potter
Neil Potter
Neil Potter has been working in software design, engineering and process management since 1985. In 1988 Neil was an SEPG manager in a TI software development group, spanning USA, India and England. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Essex in England and Six Sigma Greenbelt certification from the University of Michigan.
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Neil Potter's Talks
Date    August 13, 2009
Time    76 min
You're thinking about using the CMMI or conducting an appraisal and arriving at Maturity Level X soon? This webinar shares lessons that can help you spend your efforts well while avoiding common pitfalls and hazards.
Date    June 10, 2010
Time    76 min
In this webinar, CMMI and Scrum are compared and explored, since they are two commonly used frameworks - frameworks that groups often struggle with when using together.
Date    February 12, 2013
Time    92 min
This webinar will study lessons learned from working with different Scrum teams around the world.
Date    March 13, 2014
Time    77 min
In this webinar, we will examine various practices that you can add to scrum in order to take your scrum implementation to the next level.
Date    June 7, 2016
Time    80 min
Don’t worry whether you are Agile, a couch potato or a CMMI Level 5 superstar. Lets talk about some great practices that organizations do when they build software that works.
Date    November 16, 2016
Time    68 min
Your team is Agile. Management is used to Waterfall. Teams are upset and feel constrained; management is nervous and getting more in the way. There is a way to proceed!
Date    September 27, 2017
Time    85 min
This webinar will enumerate the problems to look out for with scrum/agile implementations and will provide examples of corrective actions.
Date    March 15, 2018
Time    81 min
The objective of this session is to give attendees a summary tool kit of practices to improve requirements elicitation, development and management.
Date    February 26, 2019
Time    83 min
In a poll of agile organizations, two-thirds said they experience chronic chaos. Learn more in this webinar!