Linda Rising
Linda Rising
Linda Rising is an independent software consultant with a background in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in object-based design metrics. A proponent of patterns and their application in the workplace, Linda and Mary Lynn Manns are the authors of "Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas."
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Linda Rising's Talks
Date    October 29, 2008
Time    65 min
Chimpanzees are aggressive and hierarchical, while bonobos are gentle and promiscuous! This webinar discusses the tie-in that this may have for those of us who favor agile development over plan-driven development.
Date    December 1, 2009
Time    88 min
This webinar demonstrates how hard it is to see our poor estimating skills and describes how to avoid self-deception.
Date    September 30, 2014
Time    83 min
In this session Linda Rising discusses the pitfalls of "trust evaluation" while providing agile methodologies which can contribute to successful products and workplace relations.
Date    April 28, 2015
Time    64 min
This webinar examines how you can learn to introduce new ideas; it is based on the book "Fearless Change".