Louis Poulin
Louis Poulin
Mr. Poulin is Partner and Chief Technology Officer of GRafP Technologies Inc. where he has been involved in assessing the capability of software development organizations and in developing risk management tools applicable to the field of information technology. He is a SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser authorized by the SEI and has led 54 SEI-authorized appraisals, including 17 maturity level 4/5 appraisals. He has 25+ years experience in the military, industrial and public sectors where he held various management positions. Mr. Poulin is the author of "Reducing Risk with Software Process Improvement".
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Louis Poulin's Talks
Date    April 15, 2014
Time    73 min
This webinar looks at an approach for converting large amounts of collected data into something that can be meaningfully used.
Date    June 30, 2015
Time    78 min
Monte Carlo simulations are a very powerful technique in risk management, statistical modeling and predictive analytics. This webinar will demonstrate how to perform them in Excel.
Date    May 19, 2016
Time    65 min
This webinar focuses on risk management in general and on the estimation of risk-related financial losses, in particular.
Date    October 12, 2016
Time    83 min
This webinar looks at Agile methods, and SCRUM in particular, from an implementation perspective, based on observations made in the field as part of detailed appraisals of organizations that have succeeded or ailed at implementing such methods.