Carl Pritchard
Carl Pritchard
Carl Pritchard is a lecturer, author and consultant in project and risk management. He is considered a thought leader on risk, having authored the risk chapter of the "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (4th Edition)", and his own textbook on risk, "Risk Management: Concepts Guidance".
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Carl Pritchard's Talks
Date    December 7, 2010
Time    72 min
This webinar will explain how to create a shared risk management vocabulary.
Date    February 9, 2012
Time    64 min
This webinar examines the five critical traits possessed by those who are truly organizationally ready and effective as risk managers, and offers tips on improving those traits.
Date    April 27, 2010
Time    79 min
This webinar discusses the most vital elements of a risk management plan.
Date    February 8, 2011
Time    72 min
In this webinar, Carl Pritchard talks about steps that you can take to integrate your day-to-day risk management practices with your overall project brand.
Date    June 12, 2009
Time    60 min
This webinar provides practical perspective on how to get your team to openly identify their concerns.
Date    March 5, 2013
Time    74 min
Using the epic tragedy of the Titanic as a backdrop, Carl Pritchard (PMP, PMI-RMP) explores the interactive nature of risks and why a single threat normally doesn't doom a project to failure.
Date    November 26, 2013
Time    77 min
In this webinar, risk management expert Carl Pritchard takes us on a tour of risk practices when you don't - or think you don't - have time to add one more administrative layer.
Date    April 3, 2014
Time    76 min
Are you ethical? In this webinar, we will look at the connection between risk and risk ethics in dealing with the day-to-day.
Date    March 15, 2016
Time    69 min
This webinar shares tips and tricks on how to keep our virtual professional relationships engaged, enthused and participative.
Date    September 22, 2016
Time    61 min
You can build enthusiasm or crush it like a grape. To succeed, enthusiasm and a positive attitude must be honest. In this webinar, we will examine how we can make our jobs more positive, even when they're not ideal.
Date    October 18, 2016
Time    72 min
In this webinar we will provide powerful insight on ten tips and tricks that you can use to build energy, increase control and garner the all-important AMEN moment at your next presentation.
Date    November 15, 2016
Time    66 min
In this webinar, we will talk about the importance of language, and how to craft risk terminology that's meaningful for you, your management and your team.
Date    February 28, 2017
Time    63 min
What's the next great idea? How can you solve a problem? This webinar tackles those challenges with specific tools and techniques to leverage the creative genius of you and your teams.
Date    April 19, 2018
Time    69 min
This session will explore four simple steps for taking your briefings to the "amazing" level.  You'll learn to create new connections, abbreviate your stories and leave audiences wishing you had just a little more time.
Date    March 12, 2019
Time    58 min
In this webinar we examine the elements of language, tolerance, risk brand, and consistency in building a risk governance structure.
Date    November 27, 2018
Time    72 min
Whether you plan to move your career in a different direction or stay where you are, this webinar demonstrates - step-by-step- how you can transform yourself into consultant.