Capers Jones
Capers Jones
Capers Jones is co-founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Namcook Analytics builds patent-pending advanced risk, quality, and cost estimation tools. Capers has written over 18 books including "The Economics of Software Quality", "Software Engineering Best Practices", and "Applied Software Measurement".
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Capers Jones's Talks
Date    September 5, 2007
Time    83 min
This webinar discusses the need for new kinds of benchmarks and the effectiveness of technologies such as Agile and Extreme Programming (XP).
Date    August 30, 2007
Time    70 min
This webinar discusses the essential skills for successful software project management.
Date    September 4, 2013
Time    66 min
This webinar discusses the paths followed by the most successful software projects in the most successful software companies. ROI calculations are examined in-depth.