Jutta Eckstein
Jutta Eckstein
Jutta Eckstein is an independent coach, consultant, and trainer from Braunschweig, Germany. She has helped many teams and organizations worldwide to make an Agile transition. She has a unique experience in applying Agile processes within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical projects. She is the author of four books including "Agile Software Development in the Large" and "Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams".
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Jutta Eckstein's Talks
Date    April 26, 2017
Time    69 min
This webinar focuses on the impact and application of agile practices like pair programming, collective code ownership, unit testing, refactoring and the like in a distributed setting.
Date    February 14, 2008
Time    90 min
This webinar shows how to scale agile processes for teams of 10 to more than 300.
Date    June 30, 2011
Time    83 min
This webinar provides insights in how to get started with agile, what pitfalls to watch out for in the transition phase as well how to ensure that the agile mindset will be preserved.
Date    March 6, 2012
Time    83 min
This webinar with Jutta Eckstein will explore various techniques that have helped her create a common culture on different global projects.
Date    April 30, 2015
Time    69 min
In this webinar, we present simple tools and methods for uncovering hidden costs of delay and explain how an agile approach will help make these cost visible.
Date    April 7, 2016
Time    74 min
When regarded as part of a greater whole, agile initiatives lead to sustainable improvement in areas such as interpersonal skills, personal responsibility, and continuous learning.
Date    November 2, 2016
Time    70 min
Agile teams often suffer from the ecosystem of the non-agile organization they're embedded in. Sociocracy provides different means to get over these hindrances.
Date    May 15, 2018
Time    68 min
This webinar is based on experiences using different approaches for supporting emergent architectures.