Robert Lee Gordon
Robert Lee Gordon
Dr. Gordon has numerous published articles pertaining to supply chain management, strategic value added purchasing and vendor relations, human resources, conflict in the virtual organization, and complexity. He is also the author of threwe books: "Complexity and Project Management", "Virtual Project Management Organizations", and "Reverse Logistics".
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Robert Lee Gordon's Talks
Date    June 18, 2013
Time    81 min
This webinar will review best practices for the virtual project management office (VPMO).
Date    March 20, 2014
Time    79 min
This webinar explores the clash between Program Management and Complexity Theory, and how to effectively balance both when managing.
Date    June 18, 2015
Time    67 min
Individuals can no longer expect lifetime employment at a single company or even within the same profession. This webinar will teach you how to plan proactively for a second, parallel career.
Date    April 10, 2018
Time    60 min
The session will explain the "Understand - Build - Launch" model for managing successful change in a project.  The model will be applied to show how PMs can leverage culture to assist with managing project change.
Date    October 11, 2018
Time    59 min
This webinar will focus on best practices to keep scope creep under control, without alienating the client.