Traci Duez
Traci Duez
Traci Duez is a former high school and collegiate basketball coach and is one of the few women that umpires Little League Baseball. A chemist by degree which makes her a little nerdy and has 15 years of experience in IT that makes her a little geeky. She has spoken to over 14,000 project managers in the last 6 years at over 70 different PMI chapters and 4 PMI Global Congresses. Today she owns her own business and is passionate about inspiring audiences to think better using the principles of neuro-axiology.
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Traci Duez's Talks
Date    December 4, 2014
Time    73 min
This webinar will discuss how to evolve from a "Head-First Manager" to a "Heart-First Manager" based on the late management of Peter Drucker.
Date    April 23, 2015
Time    62 min
In this webinar you will learn how to use your mind to change your brain and create new habits that generate greater value for you and those you lead.
Date    October 17, 2017
Time    70 min
This webinar will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership life.