Larry Putnam Jr.
Larry Putnam Jr.
Larry has 25 years of experience using the Putnam-SLIM Methodology. He has participated in hundreds of estimation and oversight service engagements, and is responsible for product management of the SLIM-Suite of measurement tools and customer care programs. He is co-CEO of QSM.
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Larry Putnam Jr.'s Talks
Date    November 13, 2014
Time    77 min
This webinar will discuss the layers of estimation and provide tools on how to utilize estimation for project success.
Date    March 2, 2016
Time    85 min
When projects fail, the failure to meet expectations is more often an estimation or business decision failure than a production or execution issue. In this webinar, we will take you through the key elements and step-by-step process for setting up an estimation center of excellence that will ensure your projects succeed.
Date    October 11, 2017
Time    63 min
This webinar will discuss the business process and application of estimation to the challenges of building the annual IT budget.