Dennis Bolles
Dennis Bolles
Dennis Bolles was President of DLB Associates, LLC, where he amassed over forty-five years of experience in multiple industries providing business and project management professional services. He was the co-editor of "The PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook" and the co-author of "The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management".
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Dennis Bolles's Talks
Date    April 24, 2014
Time    59 min
This webinar shows how the deployment of the Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO) has become a key business and organizational methodology.
Date    February 25, 2015
Time    64 min
This webinar will discuss the role of the PMO, its positioning, and related subjects in managing projects, programs, and portfolio within the enterprise.
Date    February 10, 2016
Time    59 min
This webinar will explore the changing role of the PMO, both in terms of past and present, and speculate as to the PMO's future.
Date    March 22, 2017
Time    53 min
In this webinar you will receive an overview of Organizational Project Business Management (OPBM), a method for managing project-portfolios, project-programs, and projects, so that they can better achieve an enterprise’s strategic and business objectives.