Mark Ciampa
Mark Ciampa
Dr. Mark Ciampa is an IT consultant and the author of over 25 technology textbooks in the areas of cybersecurity and wireless data technologies.  Dr. Ciampa holds a PhD in technology management with a specialization in digital communication systems and has certifications in security and healthcare.


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Mark Ciampa's Talks
Date    May 21, 2015
Time    77 min
Providing users with the training to be "human firewalls" is critical in today's defenses against cyberattacks. In this webinar we will explore practical steps that all users can take to prevent attacks.
Date    July 22, 2015
Time    70 min
In this webinar we will explore how passwords are broken, how they can be made strong, and how other types of authentication are being used today to increase security.
Date    June 23, 2016
Time    0 min
This webinar looks at the fundamentals of cryptography and how it can be used for keeping data secure from attackers.