Nick Lavingia
Nick Lavingia
Nick has over 35 years of Global Project Engineering, Management, Consulting and Training experience in the Energy industry. As a Project Manager and Project Management Consultant/Advisor at Chevron until 2013, he supported projects worth well over $ 100 billion. Since retiring from Chevron, he continues to provide Consultation and Training to Project Professionals worldwide.
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Nick Lavingia's Talks
Date    July 28, 2015
Time    57 min
In this webinar you will learn how decision and risk analysis tools are used to identify, quantify, mitigate and manage major project risks.
Date    June 21, 2016
Time    41 min
This webinar will cover the four main topics that are key to succeeding in the energy industry.
Date    June 7, 2017
Time    40 min
In this webinar you will learn how the energy industry quantifies and manages risk on extremely complex projects and how they make structured and informed decisions.