Kristy Neckowicz
Kristy Neckowicz
In addition to her professional development work, Kristy Tan Neckowicz is also President of InVizion LLC, a software company specializing in capital program management. She has 20+ years of extensive background in leadership development, strategic planning, project portfolio management and execution, and customer relationship management. As a hobby, she teaches project management courses for Lehigh University.
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Kristy Neckowicz's Talks
Date    October 8, 2015
Time    69 min
This webinar will explain the typical areas where processes and tools must be improved for organizations to bridge the execution gap.
Date    May 17, 2017
Time    68 min
Your success depends on your ability to communicate with and enroll your sponsor and stakeholders. In this webinar you will learn useful and practical tips for how to collaborate with anyone.
Date    September 20, 2017
Time    80 min
In this webinar you'll learn how to identify different workplace motivators to help you effectively motivate others toward common team goals.This webinar describes a new way of thinking about managing IT projects called “Value-Driven Change Leadership” (VDCL)