Bill Bentley
Bill Bentley
Bill Bentley is the founder of Value-Train. He is an automation engineer and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Black Belt. In addition to training, Bill provides consulting and coaching to companies who need help with the projects, getting a process improvement program established, coaching of inexperienced employees, and troubleshooting projects which are in trouble.
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Bill Bentley's Talks
Date    November 4, 2011
Time    56 min
This webinar with Bill Bentley will illustrate some IT process examples which lend themselves to easy process improvement efforts. Examples of how similar projects were conducted will be provided.
Date    May 19, 2011
Time    80 min
If you are tasked with improving part of your IT process, you need to have an understanding of the data available to you. This webinar will talk about what you need to know about data to pull this off.
Date    September 7, 2012
Time    70 min
This webinar with Bill Bentley will explain how Axiomatic Design (AOD), a highly structured framework of requirements modeling, can be applied to the design of IT processes.
Date    February 18, 2015
Time    58 min
This webinar will instruct you in a novel technique for using probability to increase your odds of getting call backs in your job search.
Date    April 20, 2017
Time    52 min
In this webinar you will receive the basic rules for designing good surveys and for properly making sense of the data you get from them.
Date    January 16, 2018
Time    64 min
We will discuss various types of graphical and tabular data displays and how to choose a type based on what you want to convey to your audience. Applicable to anyone who creates presentations for any purpose.