Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Victor Lopez Ph.D. has developed an insiders view of the governance practices of many companies across the Americas (Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the USA). He holds a MSc. in Project Management from the George Washington University, and a Ph.D. in Strategy, Program, and Project Management from SKEMA School of Business (France).
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Eduardo Lopez's Talks
Date    March 17, 2016
Time    74 min
Improper governance and unethical behavior have led to such well-known financial disasters as Adelphia, Enron, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, Goldman Sachs, and Madoff Investments. This webinar explains two new concepts, the Small Sins Allowed (SSA) and the Line of Impunity (LoI). Small Sins Allowed relate to the individual minimal ethical standards that increases the risk of project failure. The Line of Impunity is the catalyst that triggers individual deviant behaviors.
Date    June 28, 2017
Time    58 min
This webinar presents the most advanced views in ethics and governance in Project Management.