Angela Wick
Angela Wick
Angela Wick is Founder and CEO of BA-Squared, LLC a training and consulting company that helps transform organizations by modernizing requirements practices. BA-Squared works to modernize requirements in traditional and agile environments through innovative training, consulting and coaching.
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Angela Wick's Talks
Date    June 1, 2016
Time    53 min
In this webinar you will discover the secrets to maximizing value from your virtual meetings.
Date    October 26, 2016
Time    53 min
This webinar will examine the soft skills that are critical to the success of an agile Product Owner.
Date    January 26, 2017
Time    63 min
In this webinar we will examine how requirements, modeling, diagrams, and value management happen within agile teams. You will also learn what happens on agile teams that don't do business analysis!
Date    December 6, 2017
Time    48 min
In this webinar, we will look at the present and future of portfolios, programs, projects, products, and requirements at every level of detail that entail increments of value.