Vicki Wrona
Vicki Wrona
Vicki Wrona is the founder and President of Forward Momentum, LLC, a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (PMI REP) and a woman-owned small business (EDWOSB/WOSB) offering Project Management and Instructional Design services. She has over 20 years of leadership and project management experience, and more than 15 years public speaking and learning / development experience. She has trained over 7,000 people, has mentored individuals and organizations, and has authored multiple white papers, blogs and eBooks.
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Vicki Wrona's Talks
Date    November 12, 2015
Time    72 min
This webinar provides a refresher on the fundamentals of project management and how getting back to such fundamentals can be used to get your project back on track.
Date    December 1, 2015
Time    77 min
This webinar will help you understand the nature of conflict, why people react so strongly to each other, and how to progress - in spite of this - towards productive outcomes.
Date    June 22, 2016
Time    79 min
More than ever, we rely on virtual technologies to get the job done. New technologies enable us to share documents, give demonstrations and conduct training for audiences who may be located across the country and even around the world. While this technology has allowed us to collaborate without the hassle of traveling, virtual delivery and design definitely has its challenges. There is an art to designing and delivering engaging and charismatic presentations and virtual learning that won’t put your audience to sleep. In this session, we’ll highlight the challenges of virtual design and delivery and give you ways to overcome those challenges.
Date    October 5, 2016
Time    68 min
This webinar discusses two major organizational barriers and how to work around them to get the work you need done. The approach works for employees of all levels.
Date    December 1, 2016
Time    70 min
For managers today, diversity isn’t a just a compliance issue, it’s a business advantage. The manager that appreciates diversity will be more successful at creating high-performance teams. This webinar will teach you how to use diversity to your advantage.
Date    March 16, 2017
Time    69 min
In this webinar we discuss today's communication trends and give you ways to elevate your conversations and to change questions from ineffective to effective.
Date    October 31, 2017
Time    63 min
This webinar discusses people’s reactions to change, levels of resistance to change, and how to overcome resistance so your organization can survive and thrive.
Date    September 13, 2018
Time    77 min
In this webinar you will learn how to incorporate the often overlooked 3 critical elements for managing blended learning programs, driving learning success and lasting results for the organization.
Date    March 8, 2018
Time    74 min
This session provides a systematic approach for planning and directing organizational change at every level within a complex organization.
Date    February 27, 2019
Time    77 min
In this webinar you will learn how to decrease the problems on your project by 90%.