Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson’s passion is to deliver tangible business benefit through technology. His experience includes a unique mix of Enterprise Architecture/Strategy, deep technical experience (analytics/data, infrastructure, application development/support), and leadership/governance of global projects and programs. He has led large, diverse teams which have been spread across the globe, and has personally delivered successful projects/programs up to $15M in size.
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Dan Johnson's Talks
Date    September 7, 2017
Time    85 min
In this webinar we present a real-world example of an SAP implementation that was completed ahead of time and under budget.
Date    April 24, 2018
Time    90 min
Whether you love your current position or are seeking a new opportunity, it's important to actively manage your career. Learn more in this webinar!
Date    June 12, 2018
Time    73 min
Best practices for local, short-term projects don't always translate well when you're taking a multi-year program across the globe. This webinar will present the challenges of managing long term global programs.
Date    June 27, 2019
Time    63 min
In this webinar, we discuss the building blocks for creating a data strategy that is both aspirational and actionable.