Harumi Urata-Thompson
Harumi Urata-Thompson
Harumi Urata-Thompson is founder and CEO of HUT Consulting. She specializes in leading and advising organizations on taking innovative paths to achieve strategic, operational and marketing success in their businesses. Currently, she is consulting to and serving on the board of directors of several companies. Her late focus has been the use of emerging technologies such as Blockchain and AI as well as Cybersecurity, Big Data and Outerspace and speaks at numerous events on these topics. She recently co-founded a space data company, Celestialdata.





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Harumi Urata-Thompson's Talks
Date    May 14, 2019
Time    63 min
In this presentation, we will discuss what blockchain is, what it can do for businesses, roadblocks to adopting it, and best practices for using it.
Date    May 23, 2019
Time    57 min
As modern economies increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to make lives more effective and predictive, we explore qualitative obstacles to and solutions for developing unbiased and issue-free AI algorithms.