Bert Brijs
Bert Brijs
Bert Brijs is Senior BI Consultant, owner of Lingua Franca, and author of "Business Analysis for Business Intelligence".
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Bert Brijs's Talks
Date    July 3, 2013
Time    63 min
This webinar presents a case to consider BA4BI as a special discipline.
Date    November 6, 2013
Time    63 min
This webinar shows the way to improve strategy formation, formulation and execution by synchronizing the business intelligence delivery process with your strategic priorities.
Date    May 20, 2014
Time    61 min
This webinar focuses on how to turn Business Intelligence deliverables into improved decision making.
Date    July 6, 2017
Time    34 min
This webinar presents a vision for the future on how information architectures can benefit from an analytical approach.
Date    October 10, 2019
Time    36 min
In this webinar we explain the origins and reasons for the gap between data analytics for project management and scrum