CRISPR - The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Here!

Led by CRISPR, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will now start focusing on biology - the editing of the building blocks of life. In this webinar, you will gain an appreciation of how we got to 4IR, an understanding of CRISPR, and the role CRISPR played in developing the COVID-19 vaccines.

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on Shafer is a founder/director/Technical Fellow of Athens Group Holdings LLC, a Life Senior IEEE member, and an investor and mentor at the entrepreneur’s Capital Factory. As the founding CTO at Athens Group, he developed multiple patents supporting semiconductor test, distributed sensor measurement, Chebyshev polynomials and ML applied to real time drilling control systems. A decades long volunteer for IEEE, he has held EIC, VP and board of Governors positions. At Capital Factory he mentors new entrepreneurs in feasible/appropriate technologies including NFTs, Blockchain, AI/ML and their attendant risk/rewards. He wrote his first real program in Algol in 1967 as an undergraduate at the United States Air Force Academy and built a MITS Altair to complete his graduate work at the University of Denver in 1976. He still writes code, when necessary.

Digital Transformation
49 min