A Gantt Chart is NOT A Project Plan

In this webinar we will examine the differences between a Gantt chart and a project plan.

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With more than twenty years of experience managing projects and helping organizations to re-engineer their business processes, Stan Katz is a very experienced project manager who has assisted organizations in a wide variety of industries as well as the public sector to success in projects of all types. He has managed both business and technology projects from small efforts up to very large projects in excess of $30 million and with teams up to 115 members in size. He has also been successful in fixing troubled projects and getting them back on track to complete successfully. He uses his knowledge and experience to train other project managers to be more successful in managing their own projects. Currently he teaches a Project Management Course at a University in Toronto, Ontario.  Mr. Katz is a published author and a public speaker. He is a co-author of "Management Practices in Information technology" and the author of a number of articles on project management topics as well as a recent book on project management- "A Gantt Chart is NOT A Project Plan". He holds both US and Canada Citizenship and assists clients around the world.

Project Management
34 min